Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I looked at several youtube videos. I could see several examples of my lesson and current events are on youtube. The main problem is my school blocks youtube from being viewed.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I used to watch this show every week. I loved that a super hero could be clumsy and still get the job done. I looked around but I use youtube all the time to find things that I saw online. I can easly see posting clips to help class see what they were supposed to do.

Library 2.0 (hmmmmm....)

I am not quite sure if I am just supposed to be looking at Wikipedia or not? Anyone have any clues? Let me know...

Technorati (Yawn!)

I looked at this new site, Technorati. Needless to say by the title that I wasn't very excited. I hear too many people's opinions on different things already. I know, I know.... I am typing this on a blog (the irony isn't lost on me). I am typing this for my class and anyone who cares to read it. I am sure if you are really into blogs this would be a great site to visit. For me, this site is not very helpful for personal or professional use.

Delicious or not?

I just was on the website I really liked it... What is it is a way to put your bookmarks online so others can see what you find important. You can add tags that make it easy to find the site. You can look at your friend's delicious sites or look at all the public posting almost like a search!!! I highly recommend it! This way you can have you favorite bookmarks on any computer and you can share important links with your classes.